Printer and Multi-Funcitions

Online Support USA stands out of the ordinary in conferring expertise troubleshooting and support services for the major brands of scanners, printers, and multifunctional units. Whether your machine is wireless or wired, laser or inkjet, we help you in setting up, configuring and troubleshooting the non-working units. The ultimate goal is providing the best possible functionality for those things you are willing to do and in the same way you wish to do them.


How our services can benefit you


In the present days, settings up printers are more complicated than plugging into the computer simply. Most of the newer printer models are designed for using it wirelessly. They can be connected to different home network at ease, thereby allowing it to connect it from the desktop computer or laptop without any hassles. As we set up the printer on the network, you, as well as other members of the family, will be capable of accessing it via any device, from anywhere in the home.


Online Support USA offers assistance in getting the most out of the scanner, printer or multi-function. At times, people are aware of only a fraction of the full functionality of the machine. At times, people are not aware of the tips and shortcuts. We pass them along to you so that you can make the most out of your investment.


Services for any type or brand of printer


Irrespective of the type or brand of multifunction machine, scanner or printer, Online Support USA will offer assistance in getting up and running in the record time. Our technicians have gained high experience in resolving issues of the major brands such as Canon, Epson, Brother, HP, Lexmark, Dell. Our monthly and yearly packages involve setting up and rendering support to the printer, scanner, and multifunction devices.